Friday, 22 March 2013

CauliFlower Roast

Hi Friends.. :-)
Today I'm gonna give you a delicious Cauliflower recipe. This is one of my most favorite dish.. :-) It is very simple and easy to prepare.
Cauliflower is low in cholesterol and carbohydrates, but high in dietary fiber, folate and Vitamin C. It has cancer reducing agents also. But please note, you shouldn't boil the cauliflower, as it reduces its effects. This recipe is very crunchy and yummy to eat. Everyone will surely love this a lot. Now lets get into the recipe.

Ingredients : 

    1     Cauliflower     1 (Big Size)
    2     Chicken 65 Masala         4 tbsp
    3     Besan Flour     2 tbsp
    4     Salt     As required
    5     Corn Flour     4 tbsp
    6     Water     1/2 cup
    7     Ginger Garlic Paste     1 tbsp
    8     Egg     1 (Optional)
    9     Oil     For Frying
    10         Coriander     For Garnishing (Optional)    

Preparation : 

1) Cut the Cauliflower into small florets and wash it in running water. (Usually i ask my Mother to do this step, Because I'm so afraid of worms :-( .... But I have to overcome that fear very soon )
2) Now boil enough water in a vessel, when it reaches the boiling point - switch off the stove and put the cauliflower florets in the water. Soak for 8-10 minutes. This helps to cleanse and soften the cauliflower.
3) Now drain the water completely from the cauliflower, using a drain / holed vessel.
4) Take these cauliflower florets in a big basin. Add the chicken 65 masala, besan flour, Ginger Garlic paste, required salt (the chicken 65 powder will also have some salt, so adjust salt accordingly) and egg. Mix well.
5) Marinate this for half an hour. Meanwhile take the corn flour in a bowl, add water and make it as a watery batter. Not too thick and not too watery also.
6) Now heat oil in a pan. Dip the cauliflower florets in this corn flour batter and deep fry in oil. Crispy cauliflower roast is ready now.

Note : Instead of making corn flour batter, You can directly add the corn flour along with the marination. But in this method, you'll not get the crispiness in the roast. The recipe will be very soft in consistency.

The roast tastes much more better if its served hot. It goes well with Fried rice and Biryanis. It is an excellent side dish for almost every recipes. Please try it and give me your comments. Take Care.. :-)


  1. mmm.... will try this soon buddy... good work

    1. Thanks friend.. :D Try this n post d pic.. :) I'll be happy..


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