Sunday, 18 November 2012

Bread Halwa

Hi Friends..
         Today am gonna share a Delicious Halwa recipe. This bread halwa is very simple to prepare and has a mouth watering rich flavour. This recipe will surely get you a lot of credits and praises..!!

Ingredients :

1) Bread Slices          -          15 Nos
2) Milk                      -          1/2 litre     
3) Sugar                    -          1 Cup
4) Ghee                     -          1/2 Cup
5) Oil                        -           For frying
6) Cashew nuts         -           Half cup

Preparation :

1) Cut the bread slices into four pieces and deep fry in hot oil.
2) Cool the fried bread pieces and powder it coarsely.
3) Boil the milk in a pan.
4) Once it is boiled, minimize the flame and add the powdered bread into it.
5) Mix well and when it becomes like a paste add ghee and stir well.
6) Switch off the pan when it reaches the halwa consistency (without sticking to the edges of the pan).
7) Decorate with fried cashew nuts and serve.

This is a easy sweet recipe which you can prepare instantly when you have some unexpected guests. You can do this recipe with brown bread & wheat bread also.

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