Saturday, 17 November 2012

Chocolate Cake

                  This is a basic chocolate cake recipe. It is very delicious n mouth watering. I did this cake in induction cook top and it came out so well. Now lets move on to the recipe.

1) Plain Flour (Maida)            -          250 gms
2) Sugar                                 -          250 gms
3) Butter                                -          250 gms + 25 gms
4) Eggs                                  -          5 Nos
5) Chocolate Essence            -          1 teaspoon
6) Baking soda                      -          1 tablespoon
7) Sooji (Rawai)                    -          1 teaspoon
8) Coco powder                    -          2 teaspoon
9) Yeast                                 -          1/2 teaspoon (Optional)

1) Seive the maida along with the Baking powder & yeast.
2) Powder the Sugar very finely.
3) Add the powdered sugar along with the Butter (250 gms) and mix well until it becomes creamy.
4) Using a egg beater, blend the eggs till it becomes frothy.
5) Now add the eggs to the Butter+Sugar mixture.
6) Mix it well and then add Maida, (little at a time) & keep on mixing softly without forming lumps.
7) Now add the coco powder, sooji and essence. Once again mix well.
8) Take a Plate and coat it with the remaining butter and sprinkle some maida on the plate.
9) Gently pour the batter on the Plate.
10) Now place this plate inside the induction cooker.
11) Close the cooker lid without the whistle.
12) Bake this for about 45 minutes in 300 degree Celsius.

I hope you enjoyed reading this recipe. Please leave your comments below. It would help me to improvise this blog.

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