Thursday, 14 February 2013

String Hoppers / Idiyappam

Idiyappam is a very famous breakfast dish in Kerala. Its popular in Tamil Nadu also. It is very mild and also a healthy dish, since it doesn't involve too much oil. As it is "Steam cooked", you can rely on this dish even when you're feeling sick. The Idiyappam flour is available in market. You can use it or you can prepare the flour in your home. Now lets get into the recipe.
How to prepare the Idiyappam Flour in home :

1) Soak Raw rice (Pacharisi) in water for 2 hours. Drain the water and spread it in a clean cloth.
2) After the water is completely drained, grind this in mixie to a fine powder. If the quantity is more, its better to give it in mill and get it grind.
3) Roast this flour in a pan, till it turns color. Store this in a air tight container.

 Ingredients : (For making Idiyappam)

   1    Idiappam Flour       2 cups
   2    Water    3 cups
   3       Oil    3 tbsp
   4    Salt    As Required   

Preparation :
1) Boil the water. Add required salt and oil to the water.
2) Pour water to the Idiyappam flour, little at a time and keep mixing it simultaneously. Make it into a fine soft dough consistency.
3) Make medium sized balls out of this dough.
4) Grease the Idiyappam maker with oil. Fill this balls into the Idiyappam maker.
5) Squeeze it in circulate motion in the Idli plates. (If you're using Idli plates without cloth, then you can grease the Idli plates with oil)
6) Steam this in Idli cooker for 10 - 15 minutes. Now Idiyappam is ready.

This is the Basic version of Idiyappam, which is served with sweetened coconut milk. This also has many other variations like Tomato Sevai, Lemon Sevai etc., I'll post those versions later. You can enjoy this Idiyappam with Vegetable Kurma, or with Non veg curries. But i like this Coconut milk combination. I hope you enjoyed this recipe. I'll meet you with yet another simple and delicious recipe. Take Care..!! :-)

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