Monday, 18 February 2013

Tawa Naan/ Simple Indian Bread

This is a traditional Naan recipe, which is a very popular dish in North India. This recipe is usually cooked using clay oven or tandoor. But in our home we can bring the same taste n flavor - using our tawa. We can even prepare this using an oven, but to make things simpler - I wish to proceed with tawa naan.

Ingredients :

    1     Maida     500 gm
    2     Fresh Curd     1/2 cup
    3     Warm Milk     1/2 cup
    4     Dry Yeast     3/4 tsp
    5     Sugar     1/2 tsp
    6     Salt     1 1/4 tsp    
    7     Baking Powder         3/4 tsp
    8     Baking Soda     3/4 tsp
    9         Butter / Ghee     4 tbsp

Preparation :

1) Sieve the maida 3 times - along with salt, baking powder and baking soda. Keep it aside.
2) Mix the yeast in warm milk. Let in for 10 minutes.
3) Transfer the maida to a big basin. Make a small hole in center. Pour the yeast, curd and sugar in this hole.
4) Add little melted ghee and knead this flour into a soft dough. Add little warm water if its too hard.
5) Close this basin with a wet cloth. And place a plate over the cloth and cover the dough for 6-7 hours.
6) Please note to leave some gap in the basin, for the expansion of the dough.
7) Now the dough would have expanded well. Make medium sized balls out of this dough.
8) Roll it like chapatis, and then hold the two ends of it and pull apart.
9) Then you can cook it in tawa as you cook chappatis. Orelse you can follow the below method to get a restaurant style Naan.

Another method to roast Naan : 

1) Heat a pan (A pan with a Handle). After it is heated well, minimize the flame.
2) Apply water to one side of the Naan. Stich this in the pan and close it with a lid.
3) After two minutes, open the lid - you can see it havin large air bubbles.
4) Hold the handle of the pan and turn it toward the flame.
5) Cook the other side in direct flame for a minute. Now Naan is ready to serve.
6) Apply little butter on top of it and serve.

This Naan goes well with Paneer Butter masala, Palak Paneer etc., I served it with Paneer butter masala. I'll post that recipe very soon. I hope you enjoyed this recipe. Try it and please send me the pictures if possible. Take Care..!! :-)

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