Friday, 4 January 2013

Baby Corn Fritters

This is a simple snack recipe, it is very easy to prepare & healthy to eat. This is a Crispy n Delicious snack which is so apt for Rainy seasons. It goes well with Garlic Sauce or Butter dip. Just give it a try, you'll surely enjoy this crunchy n yummy flavor.

Ingredients :

  1     Baby Corn   1 Cup
  2   All Purpose Flour (Maida)      1/2 Cup
  3   Corn Flour   2 teaspoon   
  4   Buttermilk   1/2 Cup
  5   Chilli powder   1 teaspoon
  6   Baking Soda   1 pinch
  7   Salt   To Taste
  8   Oil   For Frying

Preparation :

1) Cut the baby corns vertically, into two halves. Apply salt over it & keep aside for 10 minutes.
2) In a bowl, mix the Maida, Corn Flour, Buttermilk, Chilli powder, Baking Soda & Salt. Make it a thick batter. (Add little water if required)
3) Soak the Baby corns in this batter. Let it for 15 minutes.
4) Heat oil & deep fry the soaked baby corns.
5) Drain the excess oil using a tissue paper.
6) Serve hot with butter dip or any other dips of your own choice

Try this crunchy Baby corn fritter recipe for this weekend & surprise your family n friends. Enjoyyyyy.. :-)

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