Friday, 11 January 2013

Maida Biscuit / Kala Kala

Maida biscuit is a very simple n easy snack recipe. You can prepare it in just 10 minutes. :-) This is a very popular dish in Tamil Nadu. It is so crunchy, sweet, n yummy.. The crispiness can be felt even more, after cooling the biscuits. Now lets get into the recipe..!!

Ingredients :

   1       Maida/ All Purpose Flour       2 cup
   2    Wheat Flour    3/4 cup
   3    Milk    1 cup
   4    Sugar    1/2 to 3/4 cup   
   5    Salt    A pinch
   6    Ghee    5 teaspoon
   7    Oil    For Frying

Preparation :

1) Take the required milk in a bowl. Add sugar to it, and mix well till the sugar dissolves. Add ghee to this.
2) In another bowl take the maida, wheat flour & a pinch of salt. Mix it evenly, with your hands.
3) Now add milk to this flour & mix well. Make it like Chapati dough consistency.
4) Now split it into medium sized balls. (like you make for chapati.)
5) Spread it evenly like a chapati. Then cut it into pieces using a knife or cutter.
6) Heat oil in a pan & fry these pieces till they turn brown.
7) Fry in medium flame, so that it will be fried evenly. Drain excess oil using a tissue paper & serve.
 A crispy, n delicious snack is ready to eat.. :-) Also Quick n Easy to cook.. Try it Friendz.. Post ur Comments too.. Take Care.. Enjoy..!! :-)

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