Friday, 7 December 2012

Mysore Pak

        This is a traditional sweet recipe, made in India during the festival seasons. This is so popular sweet in India, You can see this sweet in all sweet shops of Tamil Nadu. It is so simple to cook, but you just need to be careful with the sugar syrup's consistency.

Ingredients :

 1  Bengal Gram Flour/
 Kadalai maavu
 1 cup
 2  Sugar  1 1/2 cups 
 3   Ghee  1 1/2 cups
 4  Water   1 cup  

Preparation :

1) Sieve the Bengal gram flour and dry roast it in a pan. Keep it aside to cool.
2) Take a tray and grease it with ghee. Keep it aside.
3) Heat a pan & Melt the required amount of ghee.
4) Take the sugar in a vessel, add water till it covers the sugar.
5) Mix well till the sugar dissolves. Then filter this sugar solution.
6) Heat a pan & boil this sugar solution till it reaches "one string consistency".
7) Now low the flame and add the bengal gram flour little at a time. Stir continuously.
8) When it mixes well and comes to a paste like consistency, add the ghee. (Ghee should be slightly hot)
9) Keep on stirring in a low flame, till it starts bubbling & leaves the sides of the pan without sticking to it.
10) Switch off the stove & pour it in the greased tray. Cut into pieces after 20-30 minutes.

One String Consistency : While the sugar syrup is boiling, take a drop of it & stretch it between your fingers, it forms like a thin string.

Mysore pak has 2 versions. Hard mysore pak, Soft mysore pak.. It depends on the quantity of ghee. This is a soft version. I used 1 1/2 cup ghee. You can even use 2 cup of ghee for a very softer mysore pak. 1 cup of  ghee is enough to make the harder version of mysore pak. Try this recipe and give me your comments.

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