Monday, 17 December 2012

Roasted Channa dal Ladoo / Pottukadalai Urundai

This is a easy n yummy recipe made during festivals. This is also called as maaladoo.. Since Christmas is gonna come next week, I thought to blog about some festival recipes. So here i present you with a simple n delicious Recipe... :-) :-p
Looks Yummy, Isn't it...?! ( Come on, Say Yes :-p ) -> Good, now we'll move on to the recipe..

Ingredients :

  1   Roasted Channa dal / Pottukadalai     1 Cup
  2   Powdered Sugar   1/2 Cup
  3     Melted Ghee   3/4 Cup
  4   Cashew Nuts   For Decoration  

Preparation :

1) Powder the Pottukadalai (Channa dal) & sieve it. Transfer it to a bowl.
2) Now add powdered sugar along with the channa dal flour.
3) Heat ghee in a pan & add it to this pottukadalai + sugar mixture.
4) Mix well immediately & make it into round shaped balls.
5) Decorate it with Cashew nuts & serve.

Try this simple n tasty recipe & give me your feed-backs.. Merry Christmas in advance.. :-)

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